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Expand your creativity From the detailed image quality and output flexibility, to the rendering of color and light, there are many reasons why photographers choose Phase One - we've collected some of their thoughts.
“The detail and sharpness of a Phase One image file bring a level of sophistication that truly makes it a pleasure to edit with. I can honestly say that it’s taking my work and attention to detail to another level, and I think that growth is reflected to those who are interested in my work – both clients and collectors.” Bella Kotak
"Phase One was the first camera to allow a longer exposure for light painting, and since my first back (an H16!), Phase One has been at the forefront of technology and advances in image capture." Harold Ross
“I chose to shoot with Phase One because I was missing the depth of color I required. The images are so rich and full of color. It’s pure joy to work with. It has given me new possibilities for shooting, and also new possibilities for what can be done in post.” Sven Benjamins
"Phase One, as a company, is full of clever and passionate people who really understand my needs as a photographer, and getting my first walkthrough of the product it became clear that resolution was the very last thing on their priority list." Paul Reiffer